Our Story

100 Years of Clean


Our four-generation story begins in 1927.

In 1927, my great grandfather, Maurice Eck, got his start in the dry cleaning business with the purchase of Handy Dollar Cleaners.  In 1935, he decided to change the name to Eck’s Cleaners & Dyers on account that it was a family business and several of the seven boys of the family often worked in the plant. 

By the early 1950’s, my grandfather, Raymond Eck, was in charge of the business which included several plants and drop store locations.  In October 1956 (the same month my father, Garth, was born), Raymond moved the business to our current location at 1313 Washington Blvd.  That area of town was commonly referred to as the Faxon area, and thus Raymond chose to name the new centralized production and retail location Faxon Cleaners. 

faxon cleaners vintage photo
My grandfather, Raymond, is the second from the left.

Business at the new location flourished and Garth was needed to run the facility in 1977.  As a third generation dry cleaner, Garth grew the business and expanded the service territory into the Danville area with the drop store location Danville Cleaners , and further north to include Mansfield and Wellsboro.  Then, in 2010, I moved back to Williamsport to assist my father and eventually take over the business. 

Working together, my father and I again expanded our territory to include the Bloomsburg area when we purchased Suntex Cleaners.  In addition to this expansion, we also spread further west to include delivery services to the Jersey Shore and Lock haven areas and further south to include Sunbury and Lewisburg.  Currently, we have four delivery vehicles on the road most days of the week, with home and office delivery service from Lock Haven to Sunbury and Bloomsburg to Mansfield and almost everywhere in between.

For nearly 100 years and 4 generations, my family has been serving the Greater Williamsport Area and the surrounding areas with the finest dry cleaning and laundry service available. Come find out why we have lasted so long and why so many customers have trusted us with their favorite garments.

Michael Eck, President